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Those with improvised guns and those who dig. You dig? Escape to a time when the tumbleweeds and dusty cowboys rolled through town as Paper Street Theatre brings back the Old West with a little improvised spit polish.


Pick-of-the-Fringe winner Paper Street Theatre is back — this time with a little teen angst, romance and a lot of 80s fun. Come enjoy the show as the cast creates the touching teen movie John Hughes never wrote - based on your suggestions! Pick-of-the-Fringe winner Paper Street Theatre tackles the horrors of space in the third instalment in its movie-inspired season.

Paper Street Theatre will boldly go where no improvisers have gone before. This Halloween come and listen to the harrowing tales of three intrepid knowledge seekers as they delve too deep into ancient mysteries Inspired by the works of the grandfather of horror, HP Lovecraft, Paper Street Theatre presents a miasmic show steeped in eldritch lore and dripping with tentacles too terrible to name. Listen in rapt terror as three characters tell you horror stories based on your suggestions. If you love to be scared by the unknown, or if you have a soft spot in your heart for Cthulhu then this is a show not to be missed.

Cthulhu Fhtagn! It was the best of shows, it was the most improvised of shows. It was a gladsome performance enjoyed most resoundingly by all who joined in the festivities and called out merry suggestions.

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Indeed there was not a humbug to be found. Did you know that beloved author Charles Dickens wrote a Christmas story every year — we only know the most famous one, A Christmas Carol. This Christmas Paper Street Theatre will improvise a full-length play in the spirit or three of the season. Join a cast of memorable Dickensian characters to find the meaning of Christmas set against the backdrop of the trials and triumphs of the Industrial Revolution.

One knows that aside from the security of the hearth, social standing and familial responsibilities the sensibility of the heart is of great importance to a young lady. And that generally, a suggestion or two is always greatly appreciated. It is sure to be an outing Jane Austen would be delighted to attend! He might just be America's best known playwright; he's certainly one of the most beloved playwrights in America.

And now Paper Street Theatre Co. If you love the southern drawl, the rich imagery and layered prose, the sexual tension you could cut with a knife then you're going to love An Improvised Tennessee Williams. As Tom began to develop a friendship with Freya, Hester, believing that Tom would want to be with Freya if she did not do something, took the Jenny Haniver and fled with a plan to get Tom back. She planned to sell Anchorage's location to Arkangel, but not for money.

As a price, she demanded that Piotr Masgard allow her to rescue Tom when his men raided Anchorage. After agreeing to the terms of the deal and signing a contract, Hester was knocked out and captured by Widgery Blinkoe , an agent in the pay of the Green Storm, and taken to the Green Storm's northern base at Rogue's Roost. She was woken by the base's commander Sathya and later taken to a room known as the Memory Chamber.

Hester was shocked that Miss Fangs' body had been Resurrected, but Sathya was convinced that she had actually risen Fang from the dead. Hester gave up trying to convince her otherwise, and found out that Sathya wanted to use Hester and her ship to remind Fang of her previous life. This did not work, but Hester remained a prisoner of the Green Storm for about a month while Sathya continuously tried to re-awaken the new Stalker's memories.

The Lost Boys accidentally set off bombs inside the base, unwittingly allowing Hester and Tom to escape. Sathya attempted to kill them on the way out, but was stopped by the Stalker Anna Fang. Tom and Hester recovered the Jenny Haniver and flew to Anchorage to try to stop Arkangel from eating it. Aboard the airship, Tom revealed to Hester that Pennyroyal had lied about America's green places, and that Anchorage was heading towards a dead continent after all. After a long moment of silence, Hester proceeded to kiss Tom, deciding not to tell him that she had betrayed Anchorage.

When they reached Anchorage, Hester sent Tom to Freya Rasmussen's private museum, where she thought he would be safe. She released the imprisoned townspeople, who overpowered their captors, and personally killed Piotr Masgard, stabbing him multiple times. Arkangel later ran into thin ice and became stuck, allowing Anchorage to escape. The townspeople were then unsure of what to do next, as Pennyroyal's lies had been exposed and the city was unable to turn back.

However, Caul , an exiled Lost Boy , boarded the city and showed the town's Steering Committee how to find small green spaces around the western shore of the continent.

Portrait vs. Landscape - What's the difference?

Anchorage settled on the green coast of the Dead Continent. During this journey, Tom recovered from his bullet wound, and Hester discovered that she was pregnant.

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The two lovers agreed to stay on Anchorage for as long as necessary, as they both knew that the Stalker Fang planned to declare war on the Traction Cities. Fifteen years later, Hester still lived in Anchorage with Tom, whom she had now married, and their daughter Wren. Although tolerated by her fellow citizens, she was still regarded as an outsider for her brutality in killing Masgard.

She had also developed a strained relationship with Wren. Hester arrived at the beach and killed Gargle and Remora , crew members of the Autolycus , but could not prevent Fishcake from kidnapping Wren. Instead, they encountered several young children, as well as Uncle , who informed them of Brighton 's ploy to capture the Lost Boys. Hester and Tom then continued on to Brighton in another limpet, while Freya and Caul returned to Anchorage with the children.

After docking at Brighton, Tom and Hester split up. After learning that Wren had been captured and enslaved by the Shkin Corporation , Hester visited The Nimrod Pennyroyal Experience , an exhibition on Pennyroyal's fictional exploits. After coming across a fictionalised image of herself, she learned that she had been featured in Pennyroyal's bestseller Predator's Gold. At the top storey of the gallery, she found a flight-ready Jenny Haniver , renamed as The Arctic Roll. When she returned to the designated meeting place, however, she learned that Tom had gone directly to the Shkin Corporation to ask for Wren's release.

Deducing that he had been captured himself, she waited until nightfall before fighting her way to the slave pens.

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There, she found several cages of Lost Boys, who she released to create a distraction. She then broke Tom and Fishcake out of the building, slaughtering the rest of the Shkin guards.

Hester Shaw

Arriving again at the Nimrod Pennyroyal Experience , Hester released the rockets from the Jenny , creating a wall opening to fly out to Cloud 9. Despite Tom's begging, she left Fishcake behind in the gallery, but reluctantly promised to return to him after collecting Wren. After finding and reuniting with Wren, Hester found Pennyroyal and knocked him to the ground.

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Wren intervened, telling Hester and then Tom that she knew that Hester had sold Anchorage to the Huntsmen. Unable to deny the truth, Hester told her husband and daughter to leave, then fled into a hedge maze. She came across a waiting Shrike, who held her as Cloud 9 collapsed, then carried her away into the desert. Hester had been gone for six months, presumed dead. During that time, she killed the sheikh of El Houl and bought a sand-ship before fleeing into the desert with Shrike.

Wild and wonderful moorland - Dartmoor, in the south, embraces wild landscapes and picture postcard villages.

Exmoor, lies in the north and combines breathtaking rugged coastline with wild heather moorland. Rich in history and heritage - where you can step back in time and explore historic cities, or discover seafaring characters like Drake and Raleigh, the settings for novels by Agatha Christie and Conan Doyle, myths and legends. The exposed granite hilltops are known as tors and the higest of these - High Willhays is m above sea level.

Although conditions can be hard, Dartmoor does provide a diverse habitat for wildlife with its grassy moorland, bogs, farmland and wooded valleys. Dartmoor ponies are frequenntly seen but there are many rare birds to be found with a pair of binoculars and a little bit of patience! In prehistoric times the climate was warmer than it is today and much of the moorland was covered with trees.

The prehistoric settlers began clearing the forest to form the first farming communities.