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I can not emphasize enough how fulfilling it is to use these novels. The students enjoy them, they feel good about what they are able to do, they feel successful, and their growth is obvious. Comprehensible input is definitely, for me, an excellent methodology. I am going to order the sequel to Robo en la Noche , Noche de Oro , because so many of them want to know what happens to the characters….

Parker and Ines, what does Makenna do….?. Because I will have many of them in Spanish IV next year, their opportunity to read the novel as part of our curriculum is not available we read La Llorona de Mazatlan , Vida y Muerte en la Mara Salvatrucha , and hopefully La Hija del Sastre in level 4 ….

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Our thoughts for Level 3 next year include repeating Esperanza and Robo en la Noche as well as adding Blanca nieves y los siete toritos. Updates from the second year: Chapter 5 I like to use the audio CD for variety.

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Quiplash after 4 and halfway through 5 Last year I wrote about a timeline activity to set the stage for what was happening in the United States when Felipe arrived in The directions, script and restaurant scene are: escena del restaurante restaurant scene directions and script Adapting again from Cynthia Hitz , here is the marker game PLUS for chapter 8. Marker Game Plus for chap 8 Sometimes, some repetitive practice combined with a familiar game is a good idea.

Chapter 9 Word Sort: Use these words to have students begin to think about chapter 9. Word Sort to open chap 9 Dustin Williamson shared a sound effects activity for this chapter that my students really enjoyed. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Chapter 3 We took several sentences from the chapter to work with before reading.

We asked students to try to determine the meaning of the underlined sections based on context. It was a struggle at first, and so we did what they could the first time through. The second time, I added English suggestions to choose from. Los ojos le brillaban con la sonrisa. We spent some time talking about judging people by their appearance. I googled some images to show the same people from different perspectives and we had some fun, useful conversation.

We also used the Venn diagram from the TG. If you use gimkit, here is one I made for Chapters 1- 3. I strongly encourage the purchase of the audio CD if your funding allows for it. It is a nice change and can be used with or without the book, depending on your purpose. We prepared a list of statements that we used for two different activities. The task was to match the statement to the category. For the second activity, only the teacher has the list of statements. The students had the category cards.

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I would read a statement and they grabbed or touched the appropriate category. Each group kept their own score. For my class that was still encountering difficulty, I turned this into at third activity with 4 teams this is my smallest class. Each team sent a member to the front of the class to sit with a whiteboard and marker. I read the statement and they wrote the appropriate category. Hablaba de una manera informal. Donde puso el chofer las cajas.

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I also spent 5 minutes with each of my desk pods I have 5 pods of 4 — 6 desks each to do the oral piece station 1 with that group. On each pod of desks was a laptop so that they could watch the assigned video. The entire activity went very well and really prepared them for what they would encounter in chapter 5. As we read chapter 5, each student had a copy of this document: student copy for chapter listening. They read, listened and selected answers as we read. Gabriel c. El impacto de las actividades de los humanos en el medioambiente b. El impacto de temblores en Costa Rica y la necesidad para reforestacion.

El impacto de las aves y iguanas en el medioambiente 3. Chapter 6 We used the audio guide again with this chapter. Here are some samples from it:. I created this document to guide their discussion: The final step, prior to beginning the novel was the work with the song. The going is slow, but it is definitely rewarding. I originally read about her back in I think in a post in the original Zachary Jones blog!

Leads into the song No me doy por vencido A story that I wrote about Juanes and his personal struggles following his rapid successes from — based on his autobiography, Persiguiendo el Sol. We will take about 4 days to go through this material, break for Labor Day and come back ready to plunge into the school year. This will be my 4th time teaching it; it has always been a popular novel and I have blogged about it extensively.

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My students become entranced by the legend, the music and all of the additional cultural aspects. This year I am excited to be adding the novel Frida by Kristy Placido for the first time. The original inspiration for this unit came from Kara Jacobs. I love this unit as my students explore their own goals and dreams and compare and contrast them with the stories of others both famous and ordinary.

I find that this unit is an exceptionally creative unit for them.

Angélica Vale, Marco Antonio Solís - La Llorona (De “Coco”/Audio Only)

Here is an example of what it looked like this past year. It does change from year to year, depending on the current fame of some individuals. The music for this unit is great, with past favorites including Vivir mi vida, No me doy por vencido, Creo en mi, La lista, No creo en el jamas and Celebra la vida. Along with a background unit on the Civil War in El Salvador, the movie Voces Inocentes and parts of Romero, this is an eye opening, thought provoking novel that my students invest in heavily.

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It helps that they have just finished exploring their own hopes, goals and dreams as they look at the lives of the characters in the novel. Term 4 Immigration will carry over into Term 4. This past year we were only in it about two and a half weeks because we had spent so much time with Vida y Muerte and Immigration. I will adjust the questions to a Spanish III level. Such a rich story with so many cultural components. The story is written essentially in present tense, but lends itself beautifully to past tense retelling. It will also be their first experience with my pretty intense focus on and inclusion of music to not just enhance what we are doing, but to highlight, illustrate and teach.

Ave que emigra is the first focus song of the year. A brief, 2 week Puerto Rico and food unit with stories written by me and my colleague, Megan Matthews. This is a good, light hearted unit and serves as a nice break from the seriousness of Esperanza. A short unit on clothing with stories written by me and my colleague, Megan Matthews. This unit takes us to the Baltimore Aquarium for a field trip! We skipped this unit last year, and I really missed it. It will be interesting to see what changes are made to it this time around. Teaching it for the fourth time, this is a great book with so many additional elements with geography, environment, and just fabulous Costa Rica.

A favorite song for many students is Pura Vida by Percance. Jai-Alai, flamenco, music and sports from Spain come next, preceding the next novel Bianca Nieves y los siete toritos. MDS classes with significant recommendations overlap, excluding ones under the same top-level class. Melvil Dewey invented his Dewey Decimal System in , and early versions of his system are in the public domain.

Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist. I Agree This site uses cookies to deliver our services, improve performance, for analytics, and if not signed in for advertising. Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms. Tania de Miguel Magro's ample and detailed notes take into account the expectations and needs both of the Spanish student and of the specialized critic, while the foreword provides a general understanding of the times, the genre and the author, as well as analysis and interpretation of the play.

A basic bibliography prompts the reader to continue his research. This edition constitutes a great basis for a fresh approach to Spanish Golden Age courses, and suggests interesting comparisons between the realities of the 17th century as depicted in this play and the more idealized images provided by more sophisticated and literary plays of that time. Passar bra ihop.