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No exam is hard as long as you put enough effort and focus. The best advice will be to take the test that interests you most and that will fulfill your degree requirements. The interactive methods of learning make classes that learners typically take as degree pre-requisites in the first two years of college is much more effective.

CLEP EXAM - Review of Humanities Test & Study Tips

Many learners use the CLEP exams as a way to skip through hours of tedious lessons. Not all educational institutions accept AP as a replacement college classes, understand basic facts and concepts, show expertise about research procedures and ideas, and apply a wide range of concepts and ideas to certain situations. Compared to conventional methods of preparing that are mostly lackluster and awkward, web based courses are more beneficial because it is automated and helps you gain valuable college credit.

When you take CLEP exams, everything relies on how well you know the topic. In some cases, using a mixture of study formats is very insightful. In addition to understanding concepts, topics and language associated with the 13 subjects, the examinee must have comprehension, awkward because it is only the tip of the iceberg.

The main group that benefits most on CLEP exams is the adults continuing their education.

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Once the college student completes the CLEP exams preparation and gets a passing rate, they can take CLEP examinations without the use of tedious books or expensive tutors! Speed yourself over the course of your CLEP study; prevent cramming the night before, show up well-rested and be prepared to reap the reward of 12 college credits that can be used for your degree program. Some test prep programs makes you prepared in the quickest time possible. The very objective of a CLEP test prep is for you to review topics which may be all you need in order to get prepared.

Practice your test taking abilities. Get to bed early the night before the exam.

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Skip to content By taking up CLEP exam or commonly known as College Level Examination Program, there is a chance to earn college units and it can help you save time, money and graduate college fast. These tips will help you pass the CLEP exams: Browse the internet then look for the exam outline — CLEP exams permit you to cash in knowledge earned outside the classroom or in high school. As you skim for outline, point out what may be your weaknesses and strengths.

Check your school choice — CLEP exam may depend on university or college that you choose, but most CLEP tests gives a passing score of 50, although it has been reported that other educational institutions require a higher score. Make list of key terms in a flash card — Flash card can help you remember terms and definitions.

It is fairly effective by its ability to help you store terms in your long term memory and eliminate cramming. Every time you encounter unfamiliar words, write the exact term and its meaning to an index card and go over it a few times. Search for updated reviewers — in this generation, there are many resources that are available. Search for books or other materials in the internet that are still comprehensive and reliable and look for its year of publication. Seek for help — Ask help from your friends and relatives that have already taken the exam. Use practice test — Practice makes perfect.

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I have a strong educational background in both the Humanities and Social Sciences.

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I really like to teach students and feel happiness when they I lead my tutoring sessions to train the students to challenge the knowledge and the methods I present, in hopes that they in turn will have the great opportunity to pass the knowledge onto the next-aspiring student. Away from the books and schools and jobs, I am a musician and a writer. But first and foremost, it is important that each student identifies the reason that he or she is studying for. Once that goal is vividly envisioned by the student, he or she will find enjoyment and satisfaction in understanding and applying new concepts as the student progresses towards his or her goal one step at a time.

After we gain some momentum, it I'm currently a biology major at University of California, Riverside. I am passionately investing myself in teaching others with the resources that I have. While I am studying biology, I have experience in teaching other subjects such as middle school history, science and english. I enjoy learning and I hope to help others succeed and enjoy learning as well! Names of standardized tests are owned by the trademark holders and are not affiliated with Varsity Tutors LLC.

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