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In other words, all people and cultures have a god they serve. First, there is the loving but libertarian god. This god just wants you to be happy, and do whatever it takes to make you happy. Then there is the god of justice. This god has a particular way he likes to do things, and if you break his rules, watch out, because God is coming to get you!

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While we may be able to point to times and places in Christian history where these gods pop up, it is important to recognize that neither of them are the God that John is writing about. To understand who God is to John, we need to trace a thread back to the creation story in Genesis. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was formless and empty, and darkness covered the deep waters…. And God saw that the light was good.

Then he separated the light from the darkness. The ancient Hebrew account of how the world started begins with chaos.

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In Genesis, creation begins with God proclaiming light in darkness. Who is God? How is the world organized? The answer in Genesis is that, first and foremost, God is the one who brings light to darkness, order to chaos. This thread is picked up in the Gospel of John.

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While Matthew and Luke rely on the family setting to introduce Jesus, John begins by picking up the creation thread from Genesis. In the beginning the Word already existed. The Word was with God, and the Word was God. He existed in the beginning with God. God created everything through him, and nothing was created except through him. Starting with a serene monotone selection in a color you really like will make it easy and enjoyable. Then you can save the wilder colors for your next project!

Using a dot-pattern

Prepare your wefts. Wind them into a suitable weft package for your loom, such as a bobbin spool as used with a boat shuttle but stick shuttles or butterfly wefts can also be used. Each bobbin will have two of the yarns wound on together. Begin with the darkest color. Wind the bobbin with two strands of the darkest color together.

The next bobbin will be one of the darkest color and one of the next color in your lineup.

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The following bobbin will have two strands of color two. Other brands such as Missoni and Valentino have also created fashion lines 'inspired' by Guatemalan textiles.

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Scop displays her huipil. In Tecpan, Socop, who is also a school teacher, told me that she is proud to wear the huipil blouse and corte skirt of her community. Though, she said, many women who want to wear traditional clothing may end up buying mass-produced textiles instead because they are cheaper.

There is also a thriving local market for used huipiles, which can take weavers up to three months to make. Other producers simply print Mayan or other designs onto cloth and charge customers even less. The ability of individuals or companies to patent designs created and reproduced by communities throughout generations, she added, puts weavers at risk of financial or legal penalties if they continue to use them.

Who's behind the ‘dark money’ bankrolling our politics?

In Guatemala, there is also significant social pressure to abandon traditional dress, said Socop. You will be insulted, spat at or treated like a servant. When they are worn by white bodies they become something beautiful. Some companies marketing Mayan-inspired designs have subcontracted work to local weavers. This industry is unregulated, she explained, with no minimum or maximum prices and relatively few weavers are organised in cooperatives that can demand better.

Companies buy from individuals, negotiating prices one-to-one. When AFEDES carried out an informal survey of the weavers in Santiago Sacatepequez, where their office is located, they found that women were getting as little as 50 cents and up to 20 dollars for their new and used huipiles.

Tzul Tzul explained that these obstacles include gaining necessary certifications from the national export authority. The system, she said, favours large commercial producers and not individuals or small cooperatives. They also presented a legal challenge last December and still before the courts against the Guatemalan tourist board InGuat , for using images of Mayan women and weavings without their permission or remuneration.