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Dean Harmison and his team were greatly appreciated. More news to come. More than Art of Living volunteers from seven European countries came together to help flood victims in Dresden, Germany where huge floods have destroyed all that people once had. Many volunteers worked through the night to free houses from the mud.

And finally, Guruji celebrated Lord Krishna's birth in Hyderabad with a grand satsang. She's proven wrong when The sixth book in the complete six-part book series. Adam's past steps into his future and Adam's past steps into his future and needs his help to clear away a mysterious murder among the werewolves. Chris isn't being left out of the fun as she tags along for Incubus Among Us 3 Shifter Romance. Liz Monroe's steamy complications keep piling up as her succubus abilities reach tantalizing new heights.

Her coworkers desire her, David seduces her, and all she wants is to return to her old life where getting a date was impossible. Incubus Among Us 4 Shifter Romance. Liz Monroe's life heats up as the succubus inside her continues to grow more powerful. She goes through some tantalizing growth spurts and finds herself reveling in the sensual power she holds over men. Her lust finds its first prey Incubus Among Us 5 Shifter Romance. Liz Monroe finds herself unpleasantly popular among her enemies.

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The men in black return to The men in black return to purify her, and her evil boss conspires to jail her. To make matters worse she can't control the lust she feels for the male of Gourds galore as Misty and company find themselves vine-deep in trouble. Halloween approaches and the We walk around with tiny computers in our pockets that can instantly connect us with like-minded peers and people all over the globe.

We should be more connected to other people than ever, right? Not quite. As a matter of fact, a direct relationship between smartphone prevalence and loneliness has started to amass a significant amount of research. For example, a study showed a correlation between smartphone usage and loneliness in college students. A study found a significant correlation between attachment anxiety, loneliness, depression and smartphone addiction. This link between technology and loneliness is even more obvious when we look at smartphone usage in teenagers.

An article I recently read in The Atlantic noted that as smartphone usage became more ubiquitous, a rapid and disturbing change in teenage behavior has occurred. In the iGen group, the rates of depression and suicide have significantly increased since Much of this deterioration can be traced to their phones. Each of the social media outlets you use each day make an implicit claim about the structure and organization of human interaction.

Instead of direct interaction with others, we are interacting through something metal, something electronic and something impersonal. So the question we should be asking is this: can we actually form meaningful personal relationships through an impersonal medium? Turns out that others have asked and answered this same question.

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But this kind of personal experience is lacking two things: a relationship and a prefix. When a significant amount of your time is focused on an impersonal social medium, you miss out on the interpersonal relationships that you can really only get by talking to someone face-to-face. Virtual space has become a place of self-exploration, and dealing with real people who have a knack for being unpredictable becomes difficult after spending time in a predictable simulation.

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Take email for example. Cry at your funeral? The question is, Am I giving the best of my time and my life to the people who will cry at my funeral? And remember: this is coming from a guy me who has 5, Facebook friends, tens of thousands of Twitter followers, nearly a hundred thousand Instagram fans, what seems like 8 billion Snapchat messages per day and has still had to deal with intense loneliness. Buettner offers an explanation, based on empirical data and first-hand observations, as to why these populations live healthier and longer lives. But there are six shared characteristics that are inherent among each and every Blue Zone population.

They are:.

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Love actually encompasses a wide variety of emotional and mental states the deepest interpersonal affection seen in the intense love between a husband and wife or a mother and child to the simplest pleasure you might experience as you take a delicious bite of cheesecake. The range of definitions of the word love means that the love of a mother differs from the love of a spouse differs from the love of food.

Most commonly, love simply refers to a strong feeling of attraction and attachment. But love is also an all-encompassing virtue that incorporates kindness, compassion, and affection and perhaps most importantly, an unselfish loyal and benevolent feeling of goodwill towards another. While many think that they need to find someone to love them, research shows that the greatest benefits for health, longevity and well-being come not from receiving affection but instead from giving it to others.

So perhaps the additional question Ortberg should have posed is: whose funerals will you cry at? As a matter of fact, I tell my children that if they desire true happiness in life, the very greatest thing they can accomplish towards that end is to identify their purpose in life, then to use that purpose to love God and to love others. Of course, if meaningful love for others and social relationships increases your lifespan, then the opposite must also be true.

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Drawing on data from four nationally representative longitudinal samples of the U. The researchers discovered that a higher degree of social integration was associated with lower risk of physiological dysregulation in a dose-response manner, in both early and later life. At the same time, lack of social connections was associated with vastly elevated health risks. Social isolation increased the risk of inflammation by the same magnitude as physical inactivity in adolescence, and the effects of social isolation on hypertension exceeded that of clinical risk factors such as diabetes in old age.


This is likely because the same genes impacted by social connection also code for immune function and inflammation. That altruism piece is pretty important too. Those in the study who engaged in helping others and supporting others ended up living longer lives. This was not the case for people who were simply recipients of care and support. Another study supports and extends the findings above, demonstrating that volunteerism predicts a longer life. Interestingly, this second study found that volunteerism lengthened lifespan only when it was performed for purely selfless reasons.

When you sincerely wish to help others, you will reap the benefits thereof, so it turns out you cannot deceive your own body about your true intentions for helping others. Instead, you should go out of your way to experience love because you actually, genuinely care for your fellow man and fellow woman, because you relish the idea of hanging out with your family and because being with other human beings makes you happy.

Make sense? I would know.

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I used to be the guy at conferences who would stand in the back of the lunchroom with a blank stare on my face, completely paralyzed by the prospect of approaching a table of gabbing attendees to ask for a seat, the student who sat alone in the corner of the university cafeteria with my nose buried in a newspaper and the fellow who upon first settling into my airplane seat would don my noise-blocking headphones and avoid all eye contact with anyone who seemed to threaten me with an impending conversation.

His approach to never eating alone integrates networking, behavior, intuition, and power, but also emotion, reciprocity and trust, all integral parts of workplace and personal relationships. He described that LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and beyond are all powerful tools when used correctly and in the right dose.

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  • A number of studies have shown that your own internal subjective sense of connection, compassion or love suffice to protect your health, happiness and well-being.