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Lots more to come! We just bought a collection of records that we rarely ever see and we dropped the first batch in the store today. And this is just the start! And I wanted to thank everyone again for participating in my January Half Price sale. The bins are looking a little low so I better start pricing more records now!

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I will definitely bring some more records into the shop on Sunday. I dropped a box of records at the shop late yesterday. Yesterday, I got a chance to test it out in a more public venue in a column at PBS. The general tenor over there is that Print is Dead, newspapers have to go online, and other internet bedazzled visions of the future of journalism. Each printer — the combination of the machinery and the intelligence that manages the machinery — is a print output node.

The facts on the ground are that the Eurocentric era of the global economy is coming to close and that new value in the form of previously impossible customer experiences are enabled by the network, not by stand alone printing companies. While I was researching the column I came across pediapress.

They are monetizing their invention by selling Wikipedia Printed books through their website.

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I think wikis have become the platform of choice for organizing content on the web. Meanwhile, Newspapers and physical communities are organizing their content in wikis. The new experience will be cheaper, faster and much more effective in getting students to learn to love to learn.

I am one who believes that the contextualisation — on both personal and interest group levels — of information in a bound printed product is set to be one of the next big things.

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Andy- And I thought I coined the term. Just goes to show that there are no new ideas, just different implementations in different places! If someone in Australia thought it was a good word, and I thought it was a good word here in New York. It might actually be a good word.

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At any rate, my sense is that if the term is used not merely for marketing, but as a guide for strategy it works. And of course I can put my name in, and it'll play my stuff. It's interesting that Jason Mraz is a huge Eye in the Sky fan and wound up recording vocals on "Miracle," which does conjure the polished art-pop sound of that album.

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Yeah, he actually said it could have been a song that didn't make it to that album. Did you know he was a fan of that track and pick him for that reason, or was that just serendipitous? I did know. He'd actually recorded his own [unreleased] version of "Eye in the Sky.

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  • I suggested he should put it out some time. I love the arrangement, the cosmic vibe of the lyrics, and how you somehow managed to make a single vocal note so catchy. It is firmly entrenched in scientific principles. The reason we chose to sing it all on one note and call it "One Note Symphony" is that it refers to the resonant frequency of the universe, which is 7. It's called the Schumann Frequency. All things in life sort of resonate at that frequency, apparently.

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    When it's reproduced, it makes the [ticking] sound on the intro. We've been commissioned to play that song at the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, which is coming up in July at Cocoa Beach, Fla. We're doing a concert there, and that song will sort of be the anthem for the moon landing. You've been doing a lot of touring in recent years, and that fits into this album's aesthetic of a more organic, band-oriented approach.

    We've always felt it was important in the live show to be reasonably close to the records, perhaps some more energy. But the notes and the arrangements are very close to what they are on the records. I think people appreciate that.