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These measurements are a bit unexpected, since it's still late winter at Gale Crater , the spot 4. Curiosity's main goal is to determine if the Gale area is, or ever was, capable of supporting microbial life.

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Most researchers think present-day Mars is too dry and cold to host life as we know it, but they may have to rethink some of their assumptions if temperatures climb considerably through the spring and summer. While Curiosity's days are relatively pleasant weather-wise, the same can't be said for the rover's nights. Air temperatures drop dramatically after the sun goes down, plunging as low as minus 94 degrees Fahrenheit minus 70 Celsius just before dawn, scientists said. Such big swings occur because the effects of solar heating are much more pronounced on Mars than they are on Earth.


The Red Planet's surface is much drier, and its atmosphere is just 1 percent as thick as Earth's. REMS measurements also suggest that atmospheric pressure is on the rise at Gale Crater, researchers said.

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The final A is on the left half with a square around it. Players have until on or around December 5, when the current season ends, to complete this and other Season 6 challenges. Follow us on Twitch! Entertainment Fortnite Share Subscribe.

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  7. The Regatta, which featured participants aged 8 to 89, is one of the oldest annual regattas of its kind, sailing each year since According to sailor Ted Dickson, it is also one of the only fr HARWICH — Selectmen will be putting two articles on the warrant this spring related to the Pleasant Bay Resource Management Plan, including the establishment of an intermunicipal agreement for a regional watershed permit with the towns of Chatham, Orleans and Brewster.

    Pleasant Bay Alliance coordinator Carole Ridley has been before selectmen a couple of times in the past few weeks defining the steps the town m The camera, which provides a new image every minute or two, is part of a collaboration between the newspaper and PBCB that began in June with the installation of a weather station.

    The equipment will help improve The Chronicle's storm For years, local youngsters have enjoyed hands-on lessons in biology, climate science and ecology thanks to programs sponsored by the nonprofit Friends of Pleasant Bay.

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    Soon, they'll be getting those lessons out on the bay itself, on a custom-built floating classroom. The foot-long pontoon boat is being designed by South Carolina-based American Pontoon and is expected to be built this fall and winter. If al