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On Mary Weiss' homepage, there's a photo of her circa that looks straight out of , right down to the tight, dark jeans tucked into brown knee-high leather boots. Even 40 years later, it's hard not to immediately crush out, especially staring into those kittenish saucer eyes. Does she want to cuddle you, crush you, or drink a pop?

Weiss looks exactly how a mod, mids girl-group frontchick, the leader of the charm school dropouts in the Shangri-La's, should look, an earth angel hiding cigarettes under princess beds and giving dad indigestion, stuffing all the roiling teenage sexual tension of the era into print dresses and pleated dress slacks. A few weeks back, Weiss performed on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" in what had to be her first television appearance in decades, long sidelined by music industry nonsense.

While her voice was mostly in fine shape, she unsurprisingly appeared a little hesitant; the band was likewise hesitant, perhaps to give their idol a wide berth.

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Yet compare Weiss' slight awkwardness to the brassy showbiz bullshit of Diana Ross' recent appearance on "American Idol". Don't call it "ordinariness"; instead, call it "realness. Realness is an odd word to invoke when discussing 60s girl groups, a very melodramatic world where everything was exaggerated for impact, and you especially shouldn't invoke it when Cartwright's writing for Dangerous Game pledges fidelity to the long-abandoned sound of the era.

With just an organ in place of the massed strings, "Break It One More Time" has a Spectorian grandeur; it doesn't quite match the wall of sound, but it comes as close as a bar band can. So perhaps instead of realness, which really means nothing, Weiss is just being her old plain-spoken self. Cartwright's reproductions will thrill anyone with a slight interest in 60s rock; it's Weiss' unadorned and adult ruminations on love and loss, shoved through the pubescent syntax of the girl-groups, that give Dangerous Game its power.

Even in the 60s, her bandmates sported bouffants like football helmets. Weiss wore her blonde hair down, the kind of sartorial choice that in pop music, where simple gestures mean just about everything, can communicate lofty stuff like a suspicion of artifice, a struggle with romanticism. The "dangerous game" we learn is love itself, of course, and from the first track, "My Heart Is Beating", Weiss is singing about someone who did her wrong, someone who cheated and lied.

Can you forgive me? Adelaide smiled. If you can forgive me, too? Jasper chuckled. A beautiful wife, a beautiful son, another child on the way, and an estate that is heartbreakingly stunning. All of it is forgotten. If you can forgive me for my terrible behavior, I can forgive you for the smallest of misdemeanors. She had thought of him a few times in the last three years, though rarely with any fondness. His last words to her had been curious and confusing, but she had learned long ago that everything was a game to him. She doubted he had been sincere in the sentiment, and so she refused to dwell upon it.

Leah nodded. He wanted to make amends for murdering her husband, and so he took her as his own wife. She did not seem to mind too much. Indeed, I believe she is almost grateful that he wed her. As soon as Lord Howarth returned, he and Lady Howarth made their excuses and mingled with the rest of the crowd. Adelaide and Jasper continued to sit on the edges of the ballroom, quite content to spectate. She could feel the baby kick to the sound of the music, each thud making her smile. Truly, the world worked in mysterious ways. He helped her to her feet, the two of them making their way back through the Assembly Rooms towards the main entrance.

Reaching the main hallway, Adelaide stopped in her tracks. Lord Rowntree stood in a recess, in deep discussion with a semi-circle of gentlemen. His status had improved since they had last seen one another. Though he continued to indulge in underhanded ventures from time to time, his reputation had risen from ill-repute into respectability. He had agreed to the terms, and seen his star rise. Gentlemen from all walks of life came to him to garner his advice on trade and other business endeavors.

Indeed, it seemed as though he was doing rather well for himself. Was it me? Did it make you see the error of your ways, to be on the receiving end? She supposed she would never truly understand, though she was glad to see that he had changed. He had not been present at the wedding, though he had sent flowers and a card to congratulate them. It appeared he was not bitter, but merely pleased that she had found happiness at last. They moved on down the hallway, reaching the entrance.

Finding their way into a carriage, it took them through the rowdy streets of London. Adelaide gazed out of the window as revelers and drunkards passed by, slurring their words and crying out to one another. She smiled at the display, for she loved every part of London. The good and the bad. Upon reaching the familiar square in Belgravia, that held so many fond and fearful memories, Jasper helped Adelaide out of the carriage and led her up the steps to the Gillett residence.

It still felt strange to her, that she did not mount the steps to the Colborne house instead. They saw one another almost every day, and she would undoubtedly see them again when dawn rose. Ephraim had come to terms with his faults, revealing everything to Margaret after the wedding.

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She had not been cross with him, as Adelaide had expected. Instead, she had understood his motivations, and chided him to be more careful in future. She had urged him to listen to her when it came to business, and he had vowed to do so. Since then, he had gone to her with every speculation, and only invested where she advised.

Their fortune had never been healthier. Truthfully, the only part that Lady Leeds had been upset by was the notion that Adelaide might have been in some trouble.

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However, Adelaide had long-since put those fears to rest, for she had emerged unharmed and unscathed, with her reputation intact. Since then, things had only improved, in every aspect of their family life. In the dim light of the entrance hall, Jasper scooped Adelaide into his arms and kissed her gently on the lips. She squealed in delight as his hands slid about her waist. Her pregnant stomach prevented her from being as close as she would like for a warm embrace, but his kisses were still as magical as they had been the first time. She could sink into them, reveling in every moment.

He smiled against her skin. I do not know how I would ever endure it without you by my side. She smiled up at him, the two of them dancing together in silence for a short while. Everyone else in the house had gone to bed, leaving them to their own private bubble of merriment. He pulled her closer, smothering her in butterfly kisses that set her body alight.

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This is a really good book! Her imagination is superb, coming up with complex story lines that most people would never have thought of. This is a very good story. I was not sure I would like this story when I started reading it, very pleased with the totatality now! Thanks for a wonderful story. Please log in again.

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